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Randy White Telecommunications, Inc. Terms & Conditions

Statements are generated and mailed the first week of each month. Current charges are due and payable on the 25th day of each month and considered delinquent on the 26th. Should the due date fall on a weekend or holiday, the due date defaults to the following business day. Service is subject to interruption if the account remains unpaid for a period of 15 days or more from the due date. Subscriber agrees to reimburse RWT for all reasonable expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees for expenses to RWT in collection of past due balances.

Service may be terminated by RWT, with or without notice in the event:

A. If the acts of the Subscriber, including furnishing false credit information are such to indicate intention to defraud RWT.

B. In the event Subscriber, with intent to annoy, telephones another and addresses to or about such person any obscene language or addresses any threat to inflict injury to the person or property of the person addressed or a family member; telephone another person without disclosing his true identity to the person answering the telephone.

C. RWT finds it necessary to do so to protect itself from intentional abuse.

D. Upon non-payment of any sum due or upon a violation of or noncompliance with any of the conditions included in this Agreement.

E. For any reason, 10 days after mailing notice of intention to discontinue service.

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Terms & Conditions
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