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Randy White Telecommunications, Inc. Terms & Conditions

Subscriber applies to Randy White Telecommunications (RWT) for the services described in this Subscription for Service and agrees to pay the established rate for such services. RWT reserves the right to make routine credit investigations and Subscriber authorizes RWT to conduct such investigations, as it deems necessary.

The rates for services requested by Subscriber are noted in this Subscription for Service. In the event Subscriber changes local service provider, RWT reserves the right to adjust all rates then being charged effective with the date of the local service provider change. In addition to the rates noted on the reverse hereof, Subscriber agrees to pay:

A. Minimum use charge of $5.00 per account,

B. Restoral of service charge if the account is disconnected for non-payment,

C. A surcharge on all toll-free calls originated from a pay telephone,

D. Return check charge for any payment returned by the Subscriber’s financial institution for any reason,

E. Late charges, consistent with appropriate state law, imposed on any balance due RWT should account become past due.

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Terms & Conditions
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