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VoIP Solutions

Randy White Telecommunications’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Hosted Solutions provides business owners with greater features and flexibility at a lower total cost of ownership.

Randy White Telecommunications’s Hosted PBX Service is an advanced VoIP service that eliminates the need to own, operate and maintain on-site phone equipment – saving you time and money. 

Plus you will have access to improved features and functionality not available with traditional phone systems.

Here’s how Randy White Telecommunications’s Hosted PBX Service solves the business problems
that traditional PBX’s create.
  • Lower CAPEX costs
  • It’s sized to fit (scalable)
  • Reduces depreciation losses
  • Cheaper, easier maintenance and updates
  • It’s non-proprietary
  • Eliminates technology obsolescence
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Improved features for improved productivity
Randy White Telecommunications’s Hosted PBX Solution includes bundles that enable customers to save on total communications costs.  A company’s total costs typically include equipment/phone leases (or depreciation), maintenance, support, access and minutes.  Randy White Telecommunications bundles these services together and offers packages for a flat monthly rate per user.
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