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Dedicated Solutions

The future of business is data. 

Our innovative solutions and broad service offerings ensure your data gets where it needs to go — conveniently, powerfully and reliably.

  • Private Line Service – Reliable and available when you need it.  Link your offices together via Private Line facilities.  Private Lines are available in DS1, DS3, OCn and Ethernet.
  • Ethernet – In today’s data-intensive business world you need an Ethernet provider that delivers on the promise of experience, reliability and results.  Randy White Telecommunications is that provider.  Randy White Telecommunications’s Ethernet services are available in 10meg increments up to multiple Gig’s.
  • Managed MPLS – Today businesses demand more and more sophisticated communications applications.  To stay in the game you need a partner that not only can deliver the latest technologies, but also can anticipate the hot new communication ideas of tomorrow.  Randy White Telecommunications provides a Managed MPLS Solution to meet your needs. 

Randy White Telecommunications’s Dedicated Solutions gives you the fast, efficient wide-area-network transmission technology you need for today’s distributed data-networking applications.  Randy White Telecommunications’s Vendor Neutral, Best of Breed technology delivers the network diversity and redundancy needed to consolidate multiple network services onto one common infrastructure.

Just like our other industry-leading products Randy White Telecommunications’s MPLS Solution is designed with flexibility in mind.  We work with clients individually to customize networks to meet their unique application requirements.              

Our innovative solutions and broad service offerings ensure your data gets where it needs to go.
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