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About Randy White Telecommunications

National, Vendor Neutral, Best of Breed, Integrated Communications Provider.

  • Randy White Telecommunications is a National, Vendor Neutral, Best of Breed, Integrated Communication Provider.
  • Based in Dallas, TX, Randy White Telecommunications was founded in 1998 and provides voice, data, Ethernet, VoIP, MPLS and a variety of bundled communication services.
  • Randy White Telecommunications is associated with the TEC organization, which is the nation’s largest privately held telecommunications company.  The beginning of TEC dates back to 1923 when the first telephone company was purchased.  Throughout the years TEC has prospered and developed into a major player in the communications world.
  • Randy White Telecommunications is unique in that we do not own the infrastructure.  We design customized solutions based on customers’ needs and wants. Providing local voice, data, Ethernet and internet access. 
  • Randy White Telecommunications is committed to the customer and their needs.  This reputation of stability, dedication and effort has earned Randy White Telecommunications many satisfied customers throughout the U.S.
  • Randy White, NFL Hall of Fame Player for the Dallas Cowboys, is Chairman of the Board.  He became interested in the industry, due to his affiliation with the TEC organization.
  • Randy set a goal to hire experienced leaders in the telecommunications industry.  In doing so, Randy White Telecommunications employees have over 200 years combined experience in the Telecom field.
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